Product Review: Ibanez Iceman 400

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Being a fan of Ibanez guitars and playing them exclusively throughout my 10+ year career/hobby as a musician I suppose now would be a good time to let the world know of my latest purchase from the Ibanez team, The Iceman. The IC-400 Iceman, aside from looking the part of a true rocker guitar, delivers on all levels. It features a mahogany body which in turn produces a warm sound not found in guitars manufactured with lower quality wood (basswood anybody?). The 3 piece maple neck and cut away body style give you easy access to the upper frets and a nice smooth playability. The Iceman was designed by KISS axe man Ace Frehley and has been used by many other hard rock/metal guitarists such as, J from White Zombie and Daron from System of a Down. The best thing about this guitar is the fact that, despite the high quality and style, the price is nearly half that of similarly appointed guitars. I picked mine up for $549.00 at Guitar center and it was set up nicely by the techs at Ibanez. Right out of the box the action was perfect and needed no adjustment. From blues to over the top metal the Iceman holds its own with no problem. The stock pick ups while not top of the line, are nice quality for the price. On stage the guitar has a presence unmatched by many others, it’s designed in a way where you can look at it and instantly know that it is indeed an Iceman. One downside is, due to the unusual shape you have to purchase a one of a kind case to lug it around in and while a great case, it’s an automatic 120 more bucks just to protect your latest investment. I really have nothing bad to say about the Iceman, it sounds great, looks cool and is very reasonably priced. I use it as my main guitar in recording, practice and for live shows. Bottom line, if you’re on a budget but want a quality good looking guitar pick up an Ibanez Iceman.

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