Devin Townsend To Produce New Misery Signals Album

Heavy Metal madman and mainman of Strapping Young Lad will produce the bands as of yet untitled next album. Townsend produced the bands first full length offering titled Of Malice And The Magnum Heart. The band had this to say:

"We headed down to our rehearsal space bright and early and began doing some pre production demos to send to Devin. We recorded ten brand spanking new songs, most of which should make the album. The band will be splitting ways over the holidays for a couple weeks, then we will reunite in early January to write a few more songs, get some more demos together and once again send them to Dev.

"Once again, it's hard to express in words just how excited we are to be back working with Dev, and how excited we are about our material. I said it before and I will say it again, I think if you are fan of MS, you will really enjoy what we have come up with this time around."

You can hear some of their songs and get more information on Misery Signals HERE

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