The Top 5 Hottest Women Of Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal, largely a man’s domain, has produced many women that are as beautiful as they are talented. Who are the top 5 hottest women of heavy metal? As we all know, as apparent in countless top 40 pop stars, a pretty face and sexy body does not equal talent. The top 5 hottest women of heavy metal provide not only physical beauty but a passion, talent and, dedication to the heavy metal that we all know and love. I present to you, The Top 5 Hottest Women Of Heavy Metal.

#1. Maria Brink: In This Moment

With the ability to go from seductive siren to screaming banshee within a verse, Maria Brink’s vocal range and ability is equaled only by her white hot good looks. A great stage presence and a girl next door, down to earth quality combined with her undeniable sexiness and beauty guarantee her a spot on this list and on the minds of heavy metal fans throughout the world.

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#2 Angela Gossow: Arch Enemy

Not even considering the fact that she provides hands down the most brutal and intimidating female vocals in metal, Angela somehow manages to be as gorgeous as she is menacing. Maintaining beauty and charm can’t be an easy task while fronting a band as vicious as Arch Enemy but she pulls off the task with ease. Her long legs and delicate features tell a different story than her aggressive vocals and commanding presence would imply. May she continue to reign as heavy metal’s queen of scream.
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#3 Christina Scabbia: Lacuna Coil

The sultry, mysterious and aesthetically model-esque singer for Lacuna Coil looks more like a fashion cover girl than front woman of a gothic metal band. On stage, she oozes sexuality and on album, her voice conveys her haunting and undisputable beauty. Besides her obvious physical traits, Christina provides one of the most beautiful yet diverse voices in heavy metal.
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#4 Otep Shamaya:

The eternally tortured yet endlessly sexy singer’s vocals are as primal and hard edged as her appearance. Without a doubt, one of the most creative and mysterious women in heavy metal, her natural beauty and inventive attire insure that her image will be burned into your mind long after the lights go out. Her stunning eyes and overt fragility only add to her attractiveness but don’t be fooled; Otep Shamaya is one of the most dangerously tempting women in heavy metal.
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#5 Candace Kucsulain: Walls Of Jericho

On stage, she is all business as one of the most energetic and engaging vocalists regardless of gender, in heavy metal. As beautiful as a rose yet as hard as nails, Candace’s face betrays the seemingly inhuman growl she is capable of. Covered in tattoos and sometimes blood, Candace possesses remarkable good looks while simultaneously, being one of the boys. She is a true credit to heavy metal and, without a doubt, endlessly adored by countless fans.
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There you have it, The Top 5 Hottest Women Of Heavy Metal. Although every one of these women possess unparalleled beauty and sexiness, their true merit lies in the music they produce and the blood, sweat and, tears they put into their profession.

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