Type O Negative-Dead Again Album Review

Being a fan of Type O Negative since the Slow Deep And Hard days I am happy to announce that although they have been around for nearly 2 decades and have released 7 albums, their sound is still fresh and undeniably Type O Negative. "Dead Again" show cases every aspect of the Type O Negative sound that makes them the well respected and accomplished band that they are today. From the haunting melody and excellent keyboard work on "September Sun" to the more straight forward and hooky title track "Dead Again" and the epic and intelligent sound of "These Three Things", they incorporate virtually every aspect of their sound and it blends wonderfully. I suppose fans could peg their 1999 release "World Coming Down" as a downtrodden, depressing album but you can do no such thing with "Dead Again". They cover topics such as drug abuse, the end of the world, heartbreak and an interesting take on the afterlife on the infectious "Halloween In Heaven". Peter, Kenny, Johnny and Josh are in full force on this release and the music really reflects that. While I enjoyed their last release, 2003's "Life Is Killing Me" it lacked the cohesiveness and flow of "Dead Again". With a running time of nearly 78 minutes you would think that the songs would get boring or monotonous but the album is written and performed so well that the only way to truly appreciate this album is to listen to it as a whole. The musicianship is top notch as usual. Peter sounds great and has some really excellent lyrics, Kenny's guitar work is his usual, not over the top technical but very consistent and memorable. His guitar tone sounds awesome and he also provides some great back up vocals. Johnny is right on the money drum wise (drum sound is great by the way) not over playing or trying to dazzle you with his technicality but instead providing the anchor in this sonic soundscape and Josh rounds it all out with his sometimes beautiful sometimes menacing but always excellent and atmospheric keyboard work. Some people have complained about the production of this album but I really don't see a problem. Everything sounds balanced very well and nothing is drowned out. My favorite track is "She Burned Me Down", a song about rejection and the concequence of love while the catchiest track is easily the title track "Dead Again". Not one song on here is a skipper and I really can't praise this album enough. I was skeptical about this release but Type O Negative delivered big this time and has sold at least 1 ticket when they come to my town. My rating 9/10. They will be on tour in October 2007 in support of "Dead Again" so make sure to check them out when they come to your town.

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Awesome Review! I like how you tell it like it is. I'll for sure be buying this