Type O Negative Detroit, Michigan 4-7-07

I find myself in a smoke filled club in east side Detroit. I’m here tonight to see Type O Negative who is touring in support of their latest album aptly named “Dead Again”. The club is packed and the crowd anxiously awaits the entrance of the band led by the towering front man Peter Steele. The house music stops, the lights go off, the anticipation is thick and without warning….the chicken dance. Full volume, for 20 minutes type O Negative treats their fans to the old classic. They are known for their dark and quirky sense of humor so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to any true fan. Finally the band takes the stage heading to their respective instruments behind the curtain of thick smoke and neon lights. Before I go on let me just say one thing. I have seen well over 100 live shows in my life from the over the top audio and visual experience of Nine Inch Nails with an attendance of 18,000 to seeing Bile in a small club with maybe 100 other people. I only bring this up because I can say that hands down, Type O Negative puts on the absolute best live show I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Always true to their fans they bring out the usual favorites such as “Black #1”, “Love You To Death” and Christian Woman. Not only are they great live as far as playing the songs well goes but their stage presence is undeniably sinister and commanding. Their ability to mix up their set and throw in the occasional obscure track every now and then insures that I will return every time they are in town. Peter, Kenny, Josh and Johnny known to the world as Type O Negative refer to themselves jokingly as the drab four, an ode to the Beatles “the fab four” and rightly so because this band has written some of the most haunting yet beautiful songs I have ever heard. Back to the live performance. Peter, always quick with the wit keeps the tempo high in between songs and always keeps it funny and entertaining. Did I mention that part of their light show was a sign that lit up with the words “You Suck” and they encouraged the crowd to chant said words in between songs? Ya gotta love these guys. I have seen them 4 times so far and the show seems to get better and better every time. Every one of them are a master of their instrument and by being so, the intensity or anguish or hatred they display so ably on album comes through very well in concert. If there is one thing I don’t like about seeing live bands it’s the fact that some of them sound exactly as they do on cd which to a point is good but in the end you did come to see a live show right? Type O Negative maintains the integrity of the album while displaying that nice flow and flexibility that is vital to any live show. It will be a sad day when they finally call it quits cause not only will we be denied their excellent albums but a live show which is un paralleled in intensity and soul. If you are a fan and have never been to one of their shows you must do it or you will regret. If you’re new to the band pick up their 1993 release “Bloody Kisses” for starters and do not miss em the next time they come to your town. In short, go see Type O Negative live any and every time you can because the band truly shines in that medium.

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