Venue Review: Harpos Detroit, Michigan

Located on Harper Avenue, in East Side Detroit, you wouldn’t assume that Harpos Concert Theater would be packed with heavy metal fans on a regular basis. While being a local favorite venue, thousands of artists have taken the stage at Harpos from, Slayer to Type O Negative. Almost exclusively a heavy metal oriented venue, the dedication of metal fans lies in the fact that night after night the fans, sometimes embarking on a several hour drive, fill the club while almost always staying respectful and well tempered. Sure, there’s the occasional fight but, Harpos Security does an excellent job of severing the problem at the root. Their not the over bearing, eagle eye security you find at most big venues but if need be, the security staff is on the ball like no others I’ve ever seen.
Don’t get me wrong, the security staff do their jobs and well but they do a great job of blending in and not being a suffocating presence therefore insuring a more relaxed concert experience. Inside, Harpos is spacious and uses the 3 tier approach, the 2 top sections contain tables and chairs for the concert viewer who wants to relax and enjoy their favorite band while the bottom tier is standing room only and is prime area for the mosh pits. The bathrooms are big enough to serve 20 or so people at once and at the beginning of the night, are clean and stocked with all necessities. One thing I found that most other similar clubs can not offer is reasonable drink prices and a well mannered, attentive staff. There’s a no $9 beer or cranky bar staff present. I have been going there for over 10 years and have always found the bar staff pleasant. Harpos sound system is and always has been top of the line. You feel the pummel of the kick drum and get the full experience of the face melting guitar solos at Harpos. Another big plus that seems to be quickly disappearing these days, is the fact that you can smoke. As a smoker myself I know how nice it is to have a beer, watch my favorite band and light up a cigarette. Harpos, always a cut ahead, still allows smoking and you’re not designated to one area or down right forbidden to smoke inside as with some other clubs. The parking is ample and security is outside as well as in throughout the duration of the show. They feature a metal detector at the door but provide speedy admission into the club. Overall, for all these reasons, Harpos always was and will remain to be my favorite venue to see bands. A lot of people are a little skeptical of Harpos due to it’s location but I have never had a more enjoyable yet secure concert experience than I have had at Harpos countless times. I would recommend it to any fan of heavy metal and encourage them to visit the venue as frequently as possible. Harpos, from A-Z is a professional and enjoyable place to see your favorite band and my personal favorite.

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